A box full of colorful pastel crayons
 A student in a red knit Miami hat participates in a painting class

If you are interested in a career as a painter, our program introduces you to the various materials and issues related to the process of painting. You will learn to engage the fundamental formal syntaxes of traditional painting through such resources as still life, landscape and human figure.

You are presented with current ideas and images important for understanding form and content in the visual arts. Painting is understood as both a traditional context and an extension of procedures and practices to a wide variety of art structures.

Our program is taught by a faculty of professional exhibiting artists who bring diverse points of view to the education of the young artist. One-on-one instruction is provided with on-going intensive group and individual critiques. As you advance through the program, increased emphasis is placed on the development of personal points of view and subsequent subject content. Post-graduate study, museum and gallery work, competition, and exhibiting possibilities await you upon graduation.

At Miami, Painting majors can:

  • Work with a team of diverse faculty who believe that a strong foundation in fundamental painting techniques should lead to wide experimentation guided by each student’s sensibility.
  • Be a part of a community of artists who truly believe in painting, thinking that it is the fundamental way of producing the singular specific image.
  • Interact with graduate students in studio art enrolled in one of Miami University’s highest quality graduate programs.
  • Benefit from a strong practical basis in drawing comprised of four required terms of drawing, and additional elective drawing courses.
  • Expand the depth and breadth of your creative self at a university dedicated to a strong liberal arts education. Become the well-rounded, adaptable, creative person who can thrive in a changing world.
  • Benefit from a painting curriculum that encourages diverse experimentation with multiple techniques and technologies, including participation in 'drawing as animation' courses and the Interactive Media Studies Program.
  • Empower your critical abilities to analyze visual forms, enhance your ability to speak about art, your art, and visual culture.
  • Participate in a small, intense, high quality community of artists as a painting student. You will be challenged by the exceptional talent and thoughtfulness  of your peer group, the graduate student community, and the broad range of faculty teaching studio art in diverse disciplines.
  • Benefit by gaining insights into the substantial historical and theoretical frameworks that surround the making of art in a seminar course specifically addressed to working artists and in diverse global courses in Art History.