A printmaking student peers closely at her work as she shapes a template
 A student operates the letterpress. The project displays the words 'love and honor'

Beginning with a focus primarily on wood block printing with additional work in monotype and etching, our printmaking program provides in-depth studio work in etching and lithography with an emphasis on the development of drawing and individual imagery. You may also work in related fields such as photo-etching and papermaking, leading to the development of a cohesive and mature body of work for a professional portfolio and exhibition. Such possibilities lead to careers as printmakers, as teachers, as well as to museum and gallery work. Many of our printmaking students have exhibited work at regional and national professional exhibitions.

At Miami, Printmaking majors can:

  • Share a professional quality printmaking studio available 24 hours.
  • Learn new techniques in etching, lithography, relief and screen-printing.
  • Expand your artistic vision through supportive and in-depth discussion.
  • Create your artwork in multiples to share, sell and exhibit!
  • Take part in an international printmaking community through print exchange projects.
  • Explore printmaking as a uniquely interdisciplinary medium.
  • Mix with photo-process and painting.
  • Grow by interacting with graduate printmakers who are developing  professionals in the field.