William and Dorothy Yeck Young Artists Competitions

A view of Hiestand Galleries showing multimedia exhibits and a wall covered with snapshot sized photos

Young Painters Competition

Through a generous gift from William (Class of 1936) and Dorothy Yeck, of Dayton, Ohio, Miami University has a unique opportunity to provide students and the community at large with opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary art through an annual national competition.

Started in 1999, the Young Painters Competition features artists aged 25 - 35, who demonstrate excellence. The juror, chosen from nationally recognized painters, museum directors, curators and art professionals, selects 10 finalists. Each year's winner is awarded the $10,000 William and Dorothy Yeck Award and the painting becomes a part of the permanent collection at Miami University. Alternating between representational/realism and non-representational painting, this competition assures a prominent national role for Miami University, rewarding and inspiring the creativity of talented young artists. We hope you enjoy our yearly competition as we navigate the visual, historical and critical development of painting through the 21st century.

Young Painters Entry Prospectus

Young Painters Competition Winners and Jurors, 2000–present (hiatus 2011)

2020 Winner: Taylor Loftin; Juror: Ebony G. Patterson

2019 Winner: Alex Heilbron; Juror: Barry Schwabsky

2018 Winner: Jeane Cohan; Juror: Michelle Grabner

2017 Winner: Blake Morgan; Juror: Jed Perl

2016 Winner: Annie Ewaskio; Juror: Gracie Mansion

2015 Winner: Dorielle Caimi; Juror: Franklin Sirmans

2014 Winner: Xuan Chen; Juror: Tim McDowell

2013 Winner: Robert Anderson; Juror: Lance Esplund

2012 Winner: Dana Oldfather; Juror: Irene Hofmann

2010 Winner: Christine Badollet Gray; Juror: Raphaela Platow

2009 Winner: Dana Hargrove; Juror: Bob Nugent

2008 Winner: Jessie Fisher; Juror: Peter Plagens

2007 Winner: Omar Chacón; Juror: Jerry Saltz

2006 Winner: Sarah McKenzie; Juror: Dr. Sue Taylor

2005 Winner: Eric LoPresti; Juror, Laurie Firstenberg

2004 Winner: Daniel Dove; Juror: Buzz Spector

2003 Winner: Scott Anderson; Juror: Barry Blinderman

2002 Winner: Jared Joslin; Juror: James Demetrion

2001 Winner: Tara Giannini; Jurors: Angela C. Lange, Lon Beck

2000 Winner: Adrianna Burgos; Jurors: Robert L. Kurtz, Toni LaBoiteaux, Ernesto Montes

Young Sculptors Competition

The Young Sculptors Competition was initially conceived in 1989 as The Miami University Outdoor Sculpture Competition and featured campus on-site works by Hank Di Ricco, Michael Roy Layne, Marcia Kaplan, Mary Scrupe, Steven Siegel, Mie Preckler, John Noble, Colin Beatty, Pat Musick, Shawn Skabelund, Sherri Simons and John Reth.

In 2005, the competition evolved to mirror our Young Painters Competition, with the exception that Young Sculptors would be a biennial competition held every other year of the 21st century. The juror, chosen from nationally recognized sculptors, museum directors, curators and art professionals, selects 10 finalists. The juror delivers an on campus lecture that coincides with the exhibition and provides insight to the critical process and their professional research.

Young Sculptors Entry Prospectus

Young Sculptors Competition Winners and Jurors, 2005–present (biennial)

2019 Winner: Kahlil Robert Irving; Juror: Don Desmett

2017 Winner: Matthew Roberts; Juror: Dan Cameron

2015 Winner: Derrick Velasquez; Juror: Anne Barlow

2013 Winner: Chris Thorson; Juror: John Hatfield

2011 Winner: Carrie Longley; Juror: Dann Nardi

2009 Winner: Louie Hinnen; Jurors: Aris Georgiades and Gail Simpson

2007 Winner: Katy Heinlein; Juror: Mary Ceruti

2005 Winner: Marie Sivak; Juror: Judith Russi Kirshner