Shared Classrooms

Armstrong 3D Visualization Classroom

2040 Farmer School of Business
This classroom/lab contains a 16′ x 9′ visualization wall with HD active stereoscopic 3D.

Armstrong Videoconferencing Classroom

9 Benton Hall | Shared with CSA
This classroom is used for distance-based interaction with clients, guest lecturers, faculty, and students. The room has a multi-camera, multi-screen tandberg videoconferencing system that allows the entire classroom to participate. It also had dual projection on the front and back of the room and business-style furnishings for a professional sense.

Digital Art and Design Classroom

200 Hiestand | Shared with ART
This classroom is used for ETBD digital design classes. It has 22 dual boot iMac desktops, 3 PCs, and collaboration space.

Engaging Technology Lab

214 McGuffey Hall | Owned by EHS
This lab has a number of high-end development worksuites, projection walls, smartboards, Oculus Rifts (DK2s), Wacom Cintiqs, paper prototyping kits, MIDI controllers, mobile devices, etc.

More about the Engaging Technology Lab

Game Development Classroom

8 Benton Hall | Owned by SEAS
This classroom/lab is used XBOX 360 development. It has 25 Windows 7 computers each with an XBOX 360 and XNA development tools.

Motion Capture Lab

Phillips Hall | Shared with KNH
This fixed motion capture lab has Vicon hardware and software for motion capture, biomechanics, and Blade animation software. We also have access to a motion capture spandex suit that can capture motion at any location.