Directions to ETBD

Driving to campus

State Route 27 and State Route 73 are the main highways to Oxford.

From the northeast

I-70 to State Route 127 south to State Route 73 west

From the northwest

I-70 to State Route 27 south

From the south

I-275 to State Route 27 north

From the southwest

I-74 to I-275 north/east to State Route 27 north

From the east and north

I-75 to State Route 73 west
I-70 to State Route 127 south to 73 west

Emerging Techology (ETBD) Offices

Administrative offices for the Department of Emerging Technology reside in Laws Hall, which the Department shares with the B.E.S.T. Library and other University entities.


Parking on campus is challenging. If you are visiting our Department us we recommend that you park in the public North Campus Garage, a 5-minute walk from Laws Hall. The entrance to the Garage is at the western end of East Withrow Street.

Google Maps Driving Directions: Miami University North Campus Garage

Walking to Laws Hall from the North Campus Garage

The simplest way to reach Laws Hall is by walking through the Engineering Building, which is connected to the North Campus Garage.

  1. Remain in the Garage and find an exit in the southeast or southwest corner (marked as East stair, West stair). Take stairs or elevator to the ground floor of the Engineering Building.
  2. Follow the hallway to the center of the building, and exit to High Street through the main entrance.
  3. Cross High Street (carefully) and begin walking up the small access road, called Laws Dr. on maps. Signs say No Thru Traffic.
  4. Laws Hall is the building on your right. Avoid the entrance facing High Street. Skip the first entrance facing Laws Dr. In a few steps you'll reach a Y-shaped sidewalk that leads to two more entrances. Walk up the right branch to enter Laws Hall. You can find this entrance on Google Maps.
  5. Take the stairs or elevator to the second floor. The Department of Emerging Technology is located in Room 209.
  • Walking Map (B.E.S.T. Library is in same building as ETBD.) Select the satellite view.

  • ADA accessible entrance is on the west side facing Roudebush Hall (B.E.S.T. Library main entrance.) Pass the circulation desk and take the elevator on the left to the second floor.