Office Hours


Faculty in Emerging Technology maintain regular office hours for meeting with students.  In Fall 2021 some faculty will meet face-to-face, some will meet only online, and some will hold both types of meetings.

To arrange a meeting with a faculty member in Emerging Technologyfrom the list below:

  • If the faculty member lists a Google Calendar or other calendar link, use the link and select an empty appointment slot.  If there are no workable times, send email to the faculty member.
  • If the faculty member offers office hours by appointment, send email and provide some specific times at which you are available.
Name Email How
Bailey-Van Kuren, Michael Google Calendar
Black, Bob Google Calendar
Board, Matthew By appointment
Brandyberry, Erin Google Calendar
Cannon, Vanessa Google Calendar
Coyle, Jim Google Calendar
DeMarks, Tim Google Calendar
Hayes, Tracey Calendar
Hellgren, Rachel Google Calendar
Hodgson, Eric Google Calendar
Hunter, Paul By appointment
Kuhn, Artie Google Calendar
Lee, Gabe Google Calendar
Long, Geoffrey By appointment
Moran, Molly Google Calendar
Murray, Bruce Google Calendar
Nicholson, Ben Google Calendar
O'Neal, Taylor By appointment
Paranandi, Murali By appointment
Platt, Glenn By appointment
Porter, Jim By appointment
Reynolds, Chad By appointment
Sheffield, Eric Google Calendar
Strantz, Adam Google Calendar
Van Benschoten, Elijah By appointment
Weisling, Anna Google Calendar
Yarnetsky, Jerry MU Libraries Calendar