As of Fall 2019, Department of Emerging Technology in Business + Design builds on a tradition of excellence to establish the new Digital Innovations Fellows program (DIF). Participating students will spend three semesters living, working, and playing in the heart of digital innovation in the Midwest, San Francisco, and Europe—all while being mentored by industry partners and Miami faculty members. In the process, they will earn their degree in Interactive Media Studies as well as a co-major in Entrepreneurship.

How it Works

Students in DIF will spend their first year in Oxford in special versions of our courses crafted just for them. DIF students will also be invited to unique programming for high-performing students throughout the year. Then, DIF students will continue their studies the summer after their first year in preparation for their first semester away from Oxford.

They’ll spend their entire second year and one semester of their third year in our Digital Innovation Centers in Cincinnati, Luxembourg, and San Francisco. After their semester in Luxembourg, students will also have the opportunity to spend part of a summer in London.

Finally, during their third year, DIF students will spend one additional semester in Oxford, preparing their thesis and getting ready to graduate one year early.

About the Digital Innovation Centers

Students tour 50 West Brewery in Cincinnati

The Digital Innovation Centers have been operating for nearly a decade. Students work four days a week at some of the most dynamic and fastest-growing startups in the world. One day a week they get behind-the-scenes tours and once-in-a-lifetime one-on-one coaching from top executives from startups, accelerators, and venture funding in each of those cities. Students who have participated in these programs report that they are completely transformative experiences.