The Digital Innovation Fellows program is a unique hybrid model for education where students both go deep on the theory and practice of crafting digital experiences coupled with real-world application and industry mentoring.

A specialized faculty advisor will be assigned to mentor DIF programs throughout the program beginning with scheduling courses the summer before their first-year.

The following is a tentative schedule for students accepted into the program.*

First Year

Fall | On-Campus in Oxford, OH | 17 credit hours

  • Specialized IMS Bootcamp (10 credit hours) - a sequence of courses required for all incoming IMS students. Special sections will be set aside for DIF participants to prepare them for their unique college experience. Courses included in the Bootcamp: IMS 254, IMS 259, IMS 222 + IMS 101.
  • Entrepreneurship Foundations (4 credit hours) - two courses designed to get students up to speed on the basics of entrepreneurship as quickly as possible.
  • Global Miami Plan (3 credit hours) - ENG 111

Winter | Study Away in Orlando, FL, optional | 3 credit hours

  • Invention + Innovation: Disney Parks and Resort (3 credit hours) - students will be embedded in the Walt Disney World Parks and Resort studying innovation theory and the integration of digital and physical user experience design. Course: IMS 390W

Spring | On-Campus in Oxford, OH | 18 credit hours

(15 if students engaged in the Invention + Innovation: Disney Parks and Resort Program)

  • IMS Exposure Courses (9 or 12 credit hours) - a set of skill-building and theory courses designed to set students up for success as they prepare to launch into their first experience with the Digital Innovation Centers. Topics include advanced interaction design, social media marketing, digital analytics and programming. Courses include: IMS 354, IMS 418, IMS 414, IMS 322
  • Entrepreneurship (6 credit hours) - additional courses diving into business models and strategy for entrepreneurship. Courses include: ESP 251, ESP 252

Summer | On-Campus in Oxford, OH or Online | 3-15 credit hours

  • Global Miami Plan - Biological Science (3 credit hours)
  • IMS Exposure Courses (9 credit hours) - a set of skill-building and theory courses designed to set students up for success as they prepare to launch into their first experience with the Digital Innovation Centers. Topics include user experience research, digital marketing and web programming. Courses include IMS 315, IMS 419, IMS 422
  • Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours) - additional course preparing students to launch into the their first Digital Innovation Center experience. ESP 201

Second Year

Fall | Off-Campus 

  • Cincinnati Digital Innovation Center - Home to one of the nation’s top startup accelerator programs, the Cincinnati program provides students the opportunity to get involved in a rapidly growing startup community. While living in the heart of the action, students have the opportunity to explore not only Cincinnati’s downtown and Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods but areas just outside the city, home to businesses large and small. Includes one Entrepreneurship elective.

Spring | Off-Campus

  • Luxemburg Digital Innovation Center - Established in 1968, the Miami University John E. Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) has offered an outstanding study abroad experience in Differdange, Luxembourg. Despite its small size, the physical landscape of Luxembourg ranges from rolling hills, castles, and picturesque villages to industrialized, metropolitan areas. Students will launch from MUDEC into internships at international digital organizations. Their weekends will provide opportunities for touring western Europe.

Summer | Hybrid, Abroad in London and Online

  • Design Thinking in London (6 credit hours) - ETBD students and engineering students have been heading to England as part of the London Design Interactive Workshop for a number of years. Students work with clients to develop prototype solutions for therapy while living in London. 
  • Global Miami Plan (9 credit hours)

Third Year

Students will either spend fall or spring in Oxford or the San Francisco Digital Innovation Center. Students will graduate at the end of their third year.

Fall or Spring | On-Campus

  • IMS Advanced Courses (17 credit hours) - Students will wrap up their 400-level required courses including their thesis, project management and collaboration courses.
  • Entrepreneurship Advanced Electives (6 credit hours)
  • Global Miami Plan (1 credit hour)

Fall or Spring | Off-Campus 

  • San Francisco Digital Innovation Program - While living in some of the most fun and exciting neighborhoods in the city, students work in San Francisco’s startup ecosystem while connecting with countless Miami alumni in the Bay Area.

*Depending on transfer credits (from other institutions, college credit plus programs or AP testing), some students’ load will likely be lower than outlined here. Additionally, schedules for Miami are set only one year out, so the exact courses listed above may not be available. Every effort will be made to substitute for available classes in order for students to graduate on time.