Emerging Technology Leaders

Students majoring in Emerging Technology in Business and Design (ET) may be invited to take part in Emerging Technology Leaders, a program that provides enhanced academic experiences for students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, motivation, and character even beyond the norm for students in Emerging Technology.

Students in the program enjoy several benefits.

  • Sections of some Emerging Technology foundation courses are designated for ET Leaders. ET leaders progress through classes as a cohort.
  • ET Leaders have special access to guest speakers, other significant campus visitors, and partners in industry and related disciplines.
  • ET Leaders may avail themselves of unique research opportunities.
  • ET Leaders may establish mentoring relationships with members of the Emerging Technology faculty.

Generally, ET Leaders are selected prior to initial enrollment at Miami University. Students' admission materials serve the selection process. In some instances, current Miami students majoring in Emerging Technology may be invited to join the program.

For more information please contact Professor Gabe Lee: gabelee@miamioh.edu