ETBD Major - Digital Concentration

The BA in Emerging Technology in Business and Design (ET) is an interdisciplinary degree designed to provide depth in theory and practice of interactive & digital design, development, business, innovation, and digital disruption. 

Grounded in Miami University’s tradition of liberal education, the BA in ET represents the liberal arts of the 21st Century, providing a foundation in information and digital literacy supporting the study of digital startups, multimedia authorship/critical theory, digital & social media marketing, web & app development, virtual/augmented reality, game design/development, user-experience design, and more. 

This foundation is then complemented with a set of electives providing depth in a selected area of interest, as well as a series of courses designed around working with external partners and building a portfolio. Admittance into the ET major is competitive. Admission details can be found at

The BA in ET has four foundational pillars: 

  • Design
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Collaboration & Making

These foundations provide the context for a set of four or more electives chosen to develop expertise and depth in one or more areas of ET, all of which is tied together in the capstone client-based consulting agency within ET as well as the ET Thesis class. 

Program Requirements

The 2020-21 Miami University General Bulletin describes complete academic requirements for the ETBD major.

Students who enrolled before Fall 2020 may operate under a different bulletin year so may have different requirements.

Academic requirements as described in earlier bulletins: