Bachelor of Arts in Music

Dr. Tan works with a student wearing headphones who is participating in group piano class
A group of singers holding ice cream cones in front of a brownstone building. A woman wearing an apron stand off to the side in apparent dejection in scene from the Miami Opera production of Street Scene Musical
A student teacher leads her students in a drumming lesson
A student performs a trumpet solo during a jazz concert

The B.A. in Music degree is designed for qualified undergraduate students interested in a broad liberal arts experience, complementing a focus in the music discipline. The degree prepares students for careers that utilize the arts, writing, creativity, expression, and imagination across job sectors nationally and globally. It is also compatible with interests in multiple majors and minors. Students choose from one of three possible tracks: Performance, Music in Culture, or Music Technology.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program may be attractive to students with strong music backgrounds who wish to pursue two majors at Miami University. Generally, students who double-major with the Music BA are able to graduate within four academic years. (There are a few professional programs where a four-year matriculation would be very difficult.)

A successful audition or portfolio review is required to be admitted to the Bachelor of Arts degree program. For more information please see our Entrance Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts below.

Entrance Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Music

Performance Track

Students interested in the Performance Track should see the instrumental or vocal audition requirements.

Music in Culture Track

Entrance to the Music in Culture Track requires the submission of a brief writing sample. To begin the application process students must email Dr. Elizabeth Hoover at

Music Technology Track

Entrance to the Music Technology Track is determined through the following steps:

  1. Submission of a portfolio that demonstrates the applicant’s previous experience with Music Technology. This portfolio may consist of audio recordings on which the applicant was involved in the production (including but not limited to recording or mixing), a text document listing live sound or other related experience, or any other materials related to the applicant’s knowledge of and/or experience using technology to create audio art.
  2. An audition in which the applicant will give a brief performance (no more than 1-2 minutes) on any instrument, acoustic (including any vocal style or guitar) or electronic (including electric guitar or keyboard). A short interview with BA Music Technology faculty will follow. Zoom interviews and submission of video auditions and may be arranged as necessary. 

For further information contact Dr. Per Bloland (, 513-529-0584).
Apply to the Department of Music via Acceptd to submit a Portfolio and schedule an audition.

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