Recital Programs

Procedure for Recital Programs

  • Please email recital programs to the Media Services Specialist no later than 14 days before the recital date.
    • If programs are not submitted in a timely fashion there is no guarantee that programs will be available at your recital. However your program MUST STILL BE SUBMITTED for your permanent file.
  • Programs should be formatted according to the guidelines below using the appropriate template.
  • The graduate assistant will proof the program and may contact you via email concerning any questions or edits. Upon final approval of the program, it will be sent to the copy center. Read your proofs thoroughly! Programs will not be reprinted for errors.
  • Programs will be available for pickup in the music office (Presser 109) no later than three business days before the recital date. The music office personnel will procure four programs for your permanent file.
  • It is the performer’s responsibility to pick up programs and take them to the recital.
  • Students may not distribute any extra program materials.
  • Students should enter their program information into the appropriate template (instrumental or vocal) found below:
    • Please do not edit the template in Google Docs. Unfortunately Google Docs currently breaks the formatting on the template because of its inability to handle columns.
    • Program notes, biographical notes, and personal “Thank Yous” will not be included in the program.

Editing Templates in Microsoft Word

When using Word you it is best if you have two settings turned on, particularly if you are editing a vocal program with lyrics and translations

  1. All Formatting Marks (in order to see Tab stops. Use the tab key to navigate these documents.)
    1. To turn this go to to the Preferences menu in Word.
      • On a Mac it is Word Menu=>Preferences
      • On a PC it is File=>Preferences
    1. Go to the "View" Menu in Preferences
    2. Check "Show Non-Printing Characters"
  2. Table Gridlines
    1. Click once within the columns for the translations
    2. Look at the ribbon; you should see two new Table menus, "Table Design" and "Layout"
    3. Click in the "Layout" Menu
    4. Look to the left and press the "View Gridlines" Button

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Student Instrumental Program Template

Student Vocal Program Template