2021 Geoffrey P. Hall Undergraduate Artist Competition

Geoffrey P. Hall Undergraduate Artist Competition (UAC) is open to all currently enrolled full-time undergraduate students at Miami University who are studying a musical instrument or voice with the Department of Music faculty. Interested students must receive the approval of their applied instructor to enter the competition.

Dateline for Online Video:  Thursday, March 18, 2021

Winners’ Recital & Department of Music Convocation: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Prizes:  1st Prize $1,500; 2nd Prize $1,000; 3rd Prize $ 750; other finalists

(Up to 3) $350 each

Repertoire:  Each contestant shall prepare a program with a minimum of 24 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes in length to include at least one major composition (a minimum of one movement) from the standard repertoire for the contestant’s instrument or voice. This program shall remain the same throughout the competition, including the Winners’ recital. Memorization is encouraged.

The Competition: Each contestant will submit an online video recording of their selected repertoire, which will be evaluated by a jury of adjudicatorsAll decisions of the jury will be made by secret ballot and will be considered final. Awards will be announced following the competition.

Adjudicators:  The jury panel will consist of International artists.

Video Submission Guidelines: The 2021 UAC will be conducted through video submission, as opposed to living audition. The following guidelines pertain:

  1. Video files must be performed by the applicants and must not be edited in any way, nor should any effects be added. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the video is recorded with good quality (image and sound).
  2. The contestant’s face and hand must be clearly visible in the video.
  3. Separate takes between different pieces (not individual movements or set pieces) are permitted.
  4. Any piece containing accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment. Contestants are responsible for providing their own accompanist.
  5. Uploaded video performances should not exceed the maximum of 30 minutes. These maximum limits should include all pauses and non-playing time.
Full details of each chosen piece of the applicant’s repertoire must be listed. When you submit the Application Form, please include the pieces you are performing within the format,

Name of the piece: 

Composer’s name:


Please, also include web link/s for each piece.  

The committee has the right to reject the video or disqualify the participant if the video description is missing/incomplete.

Upload and submit the video by URL link only (YouTube, unlisted) http://www.youtube.com and specify a link in the Application Form.

Contest Winners:  All winners will be required to perform on the UAC Winner’s recital: Thursday, April 15, 2021. Winners may be asked to represent the Department of Music and Miami University in additional public performances. The first-prize winner will be ineligible to compete in future UAC competitions.