Combined BA+MA Degree

Students creating play with heading Explore, Engage, Create Students creating play with heading Explore, Engage, Create

What is the Combined BA+MA Degree in Theatre?

The combined degree program is intended for students who wish to prepare for further study in an MFA or PhD degree program. It augments the liberal arts curriculum of Miami's BA in Theatre with masters-level coursework in theatre studies. In most cases, students earn both a BA in Theatre and an MA in Theatre within five years.

How is the program structured?

Once admitted and enrolled in the BA in Theatre, you can be admitted on a provisional basis to the combined program anytime during your academic career at Miami, although you are encouraged to express an interest within your first three semesters. Careful planning can sometimes be required!

You can make a formal application into the program once you have

  • completed the core requirements of the BA in Theatre
  • taken at least ONE course from category B theatre electives
  • earned a minimum of 64 credit hours towards graduation
  • earned a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or greater.

During your junior and senior year, you'll finish the requirements of the BA degree and start taking courses at the graduate level required for the MA. Nine hours of graduate-level credit may be used to fulfill both MA and BA requirements (with the permission of both the Director of Graduate Studies and the Chief Departmental Advisor).

When you have completed the requirements for the BA in Theatre, you may apply for graduation and receive your bachelor's degree. Upon graduation, you'll be classified as a graduate student and may complete your graduate coursework over the following year. Regular time limits for completing the master's degree apply to students in a combined program. For more information on time limits, see the General Bulletin.

You must complete a minimum of 150 hours for the combined program: 120 credit hours minimum for the bachelor's degree, and 30 hours minimum for the master's degree. Nine hours of the master's requirements will also count towards the bachelor's degree, bringing the undergraduate credit hours to 129.

What is the formal application process?

The Department of Theatre is not accepting applications for a new cohort in the BA+MA for the time being. Thank you for your interest!


Contact Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Department of Theatre