Apply for Major Production Positions

Needed for 2021-22 Season

We'd love for students to apply for any of these positions for any of the shows in the season! Including the Fringe! Exception: Since RUR is being done as a radio play, we won't have need for scenic or costume designers.

  • Stage managers and assistant stage managers
  • Scene designers and assistant scene designers
  • Costume designers and assistant costume designers
  • Lighting designers and assistant lighting designers
  • Sound designers and assistant sound designers
  • Dramaturgs for all productions
  • Tech directors and assistant tech directors
  • Master electricians
  • Props Directors
  • Scenic Charge Artists

If you are interested in assistant directing, contact Lewis Magruder.

You may apply for more than one position!

These are all positions that are part of the creative planning team. Other positions like running crews and build crews will be available at the start of the fall semester.

Important Deadlines


  • Apply by this date to best integrate a production position into your schedule planning for next year, and to help you get the position(s) you most would like.
  • Design meetings for Fall Productions will begin immediately, so our goal is to fill as many positions as we can through this round of applications!


  • Unfilled Design and Stage Management positions, assistant positions, and dramaturgy positions for fall and spring productions will be filled though this round of applications
  • Design meetings for Spring Productions will begin in early October


You may submit applications between these dates and after these dates. Applications for open positions will be considered as they come in.

Production Position Application Form