Logo announcing the 2020 Digital Fringe Festival

Miami University Digital Fringe Festival


A dance film choreographed and directed by Ashley Goos. 7 min
A woman finds herself trapped in a box in a place she's never been. Can she learn how to escape? Or is this her new normal?

Walk With Us

Curated by the Walking Theatre Project. 30 min
Our devised piece is centered around the BLM movement, white privilege, and social justice. We have amazing guests joining us to talk about their experiences with these important current issues.

Sherlock Holmes

and the Adventure of the Vanishing Ring

by Maddy Shilts. 40 min
When Scotland Yard finds themselves facing a mass prison break, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson race to stop it before it’s too late. 

Her em Iteru

(On The Nile)

Composed by Philip Roberts, videography by Nathaniel Wilkens. 15 min
A journey though the cycle of life as experienced by the ancient Egyptians. Revel in this modern song cycle composed to the text of the Papyrus of Ani. Featuring Madison Fitzpatrick, soprano.

Across The Courtyard

Audio drama by Hailey Ardell. 30 min
There’s a ghost in the courtyard, but only one person can see it. Across The Courtyard asks the question: can one find community with someone who may not be real?

This Water Cuts Its Own Course

A film by Diane Fellows; Storytellers: Gail Della-Piana; Kendra Soler. 18 min
This is a story of three teeth. Teeth excised from former slaves or slaves owned by George Washington became part of his set of teeth. Each tooth’s contemporary descendant tells a story of displacement and reclamation in the American societal landscape.

on rerun

Choreographed by Joanna Hollern. 7 min
A contemporary dance piece exploring the journey to breaking free from a repetitive lifestyle and creating the life you wish to live. Featuring Alexandra Kyle, Carissa Osborne and Abby Stephenson.


Created Equal

Facilitated by MUT Alumna Cheryl Ruschau
This devised work explores African-American perspectives on the Declaration of Independence, the revolutions it inspired, and the ongoing struggle for social justice in America today. It premiered live at Colonial Williamsburg on July 4th, 2019.

The Things That Don't Add Up

by Katelyn Nevin. 40 min
Quinn goes through a series of devastating events that change her forever. Whether these changes are good or bad is neither here nor there; only Quinn holds the power to embrace the change or fade into stupefaction. Presented as a part of the New Wave Radio Drama Series.

Archive Record 62

by Charlotte Snee and Laura Smith. 40 min
Students are reporting supernatural lights coming from the President’s house. One investigator must try to uncover what is causing the mysterious occurrences before someone gets hurt, or the University shuts them down.

The Cell

by Joseph Sheridan
A cell in a human body suddenly gains self-awareness. With her companion Vera, she explores what it means to be alive, how thoughts and feelings meld to form a consciousness, and muses over what life may be like beyond the body. Presented as a part of the New Wave Radio Drama Series.


Together Apart

by Sam Terribilini
Artists across the country and around the world have both the opportunity and responsibility to learn new ways to create and collaborate in a way that is both safe and moving. Together Apart is an experimental improvisational musical experience. It follows the time-honored tradition of creating music live as a community, this time presented through a digital lens.


by Liv Gorom. 20 min
Trip is a one act play focusing on the LSD experiments of Dr. Sidney Cohen. Cohen convinces Dale, his employee, to have his wife Marie be unknowingly drugged to observe its effects. Trip explores motifs of marriage, identity, and exploration of self, begging us to ask who we can trust. Presented as a part of the New Wave Radio Drama Series.

All We Do

by Hannah Beddard. 3 min
A filmed contemporary dance piece set to music encourages the audience to self-reflect and identify with their own personal interpretation of the performance. Movement and lyrics, working in unison, will remind us all of the uncertainty and doubt within ourselves and result in a newfound desire to take back our lives. With Kristina Milijkovic.

Conversations With Women in STEM

by Micki Smolenski. 30 min
Staged interviews with STEM professionals put a personal touch on the impact of the STEM gap and its effects of imposter syndrome and sexism in the workforce.

Not Quite Morning

by Olivia Gorom. 18 min
A devised piece that tells the story of two boys feeling lonely at 4 a.m.. Both feeling desperate log onto Omegle, a video chartroom, in order to find someone to talk to. What they find is each other, two 17 year old boys living in the same city.

Gathering at the Poets’ Shack

Idea by Gion DeFrancesco; programming, graphics, animation, VR/AR and music by students in the Department of Emerging Technology in Business + Design lead by Ben Nicholson and Artie Kuhn; scene design by students in the Department of Theatre
We gather to weave together stories of the past. Of the present. Of the future. This interactive installation in Bishop Woods celebrates and chronicles Miami voices through poetry, image, projection, and augmented reality.