Dance Minor

On a darkened stage, dancers pose with lights in their hands
 Five dancers with arms outstretched strike a pose onstage
 Two dancers in red dresses and blonde wigs move toward figures on the floor of the stage
Six dancers pose onstage. The first 4 are bowed, and the others cross arms over their chests
 On a dimly lit stage, four female figures flank a male figure, all with arms raised

The Dance Minor offers students the opportunity to pursue the specialized skills necessary for dance performance. Students will complete courses in dance technique, performance, dance history, and production/design; and integrate learning through involvement with dance concerts and/or music theatre productions. The minor is intended to provide curriculum and instruction in the area of dance as well as enhance current music theatre and theatre curricula and programming.

This minor is an interdisciplinary offering between the Departments of Theatre (THE) and Kinesiology and Health (KNH) with course requirements from the two departments. Students interested in the dance minor should meet with the Chief Departmental Adviser in Theatre.

Program Requirements

REQUIRED COURSES: (13 credit hours)

  • KNH 110.A – Ballet – 2 credit hours
  • KNH 110.G – Modern Dance – 2 credit hours
  • KNH 244 – Functional Anatomy – 4 credit hours
  • THE 351 – Dance History – 3 credit hours

Students  choose either an intermediate ballet course or an intermediate modern course:

  • THE 261 – Intermediate Ballet – 2 credit hours
  • THE 262 – Intermediate Modern – 2 credit hours

ELECTIVES: (5—6 credit hours)
Students may choose from the following:

  • CCA 231 – Dance for the Musical Stage – 3 credit hours
  • THE 123 – Acting for the non-major – 3 credit hours
  • THE 271 – Dance Practicum – 1 credit hour
  • CCA 201 – Introduction to Arts Management – 3 credit hours
  • THE 454/554 – Lighting Design – 3 credit hours

Dance Theatre Performances

On a darkened stage, dancers perform while holding illuminated devices

A dancing couple dressed in 40s fashion face each other, holding hands

Four dancers pose with outstretched arms onstage, as another crouches in the center

Female dancers in turquoise dresses pose with arms jubilantly raised around a man wearing suspenders

A dancer executes a handstand as another dancer sits on a box, facing away

A dancer in white slouches. Another dancer leans toward the first dancer's back.

Two dancers perform with a grouping of chairs

Two women dance as a woman's face is projected on a screen behind them

A dancer poses with hand over mouth and one leg horizontal as others look on

A male dancer lies on the floor and reaches behind his head to support a woman leaning forward

Two dancers in red dresses and blonde wigs perform. Others sit on the stage floor and watch.

Six dancers perform. Some lean forward and others cross arms across their chests.