Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors

Two students work on paintings during class
Students perform onstage during combined Glee Club and Collegiate Chorale concert
 Students work in the fashion design studio
 A printmaking student leans in close to work on a piece

The College of Creative Arts is the home and partner to innovative programs that cross disciplines, allowing our students to pursue an array of interests to augment and expand their knowledge base. By choosing an Interdisciplinary Major or Minor, students combine disciplinary skills in the arts and design with areas such as business, community engagement, media, and others. This flexibility can enhance both educational and career opportunities.

Majors and Co-Majors

Note: Co-Majors are comparable to "Double Majors", but require fewer foundational courses and are specifically designed to complement an existing major.

Art Therapy Co-Major

The Art Therapy co-major explores connections between art production, methods of facilitating art experiences with people across the lifespan, and an understanding of human behaviors. The primary goal of the co-major is to prepare students interested in pursuing a career in art therapy to apply to art therapy graduate programs. 

Arts Management Co-Major

The Arts Management Co-Major prepares students to balance aesthetic understanding with specialized skills in generating income, managing boards, stimulating public access, and sustaining the mission and vision of organizations whose primary purpose is the delivery, presentation, and preservation of arts and culture.

Fashion Co-Major

The co-major in Fashion emphasizes creativity and experimentation, and offers students the opportunity to develop basic skills in product making, fashion business decision-making, historical contexts, materials, design foundations, and the opportunity to build skill depth in one of three option areas: fashion corporate business, fashion design, or fashion entrepreneurship.

Interactive Media Studies (IMS)

Interactive Media Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide depth in theory and practice of interactive and digital design, development, and innovation.


Art Therapy

The art therapy minor exposes students to the creative process as a form of visual expression, the therapeutic aspects of image making, and various theories of psychotherapy. Students will also gain knowledge of various graduate programs and be able to begin developing a portfolio tailored to graduate schools in art therapy, under the advisement of a practicing art therapist. The minor encourages breadth of exploration and offers separate tracks for Art majors, Psychology majors, and majors other than Art or Psychology.

Arts Management | Arts Entrepreneurship

Available to majors in the College of Creative Arts and the Farmer School of Business, the coursework and internships for this program provide knowledge for and preparation for work with non-profit and commercial arts enterprises—museums, art galleries, regional theatre, Broadway, concert promotion, artist management, symphonies, dance companies, community art councils, etc.


This minor offers students the opportunity to pursue the specialized skills necessary for dance performance. Students complete courses in dance technique, performance, dance history, and production/design; and integrate learning through involvement with dance concerts and/or music theatre productions. The minor is intended to provide curriculum and instruction in the area of dance as well as enhance current musical theatre and theatre curricula and programming.


The minor in Fashion, with a concentration in Design, emphasizes creativity and experimentation, and offers students the opportunity to develop basic skills in design language, pattern-making, and garment construction. It includes historical and narrative contexts, marketing, runway experience, and opportunities to build skills in cognate studio areas, such as costume design, jewelry design, accessories, illustration, CAD, and applied international fashion design experience.

Interactive Media Studies

Minors in IMS introduce students to digital media and allow them to examine their chosen major from a new perspective. They also provide a framework for integrating a broad understanding of interactive media balanced with a more specific focus on expertise in specific areas.


Music Theatre

Whether you love Broadway musicals, opera, or revues, here's your chance to enhance your coursework as a music or theatre major. Minors take courses in acting, singing, and dancing, with opportunities to practice those skills participating in department musicals, opera, cabarets, and revues.