Music Theatre Minor Audition Guidelines

Three characters sing in a scene from a Miami Opera production

General Information

Between 12 and 20 students are admitted each year.

Students may audition in their freshman or sophomore year, performing two vocal selections, a monologue, and a dance audition. Auditions will be held annually each fall semester.

Live auditions are required.

Vocal Audition

You will perform two vocal selections (an accompanist will be provided).
You may be given a a short ear-training test.

Guidelines for vocal selections

  • Two selections of 36 measures each, one ballad and one up-tempo.
  • Choose music that shows your voice at its best, including range, expression, diction.
  • Music must be memorized (bring music for the accompanist).
  • Bring clean copies of your selections to the audition with your cuts clearly marked.

Recommendations for success

  • Work with a voice teacher to select repertoire that is suitable for your voice and allows you to sound your best.
  • Choose repertoire that you have already performed, or will perform before your audition.
  • Choose two contrasting selections (style, tempo, mood). Selections may include pop, rock, jazz, movie and musical theatre repertoire.

Acting Audition

You will perform one monologue.

Guidelines for monologue selections

  • 1-2 minutes in length (please do not go over the 2-minute limit).
  • Choose a monologue that is modern/contemporary – do not choose classical or verse material or a monologue that requires a dialect or accent.
  • Text must be memorized.
  • Text may be comedic or dramatic.
  • Text may be chosen from a play, musical, or other written narrative form such as a novel or short story as long as it is in first person. Please do NOT use text from a movie.

Recommendations for success

  • Work with an acting teacher to select a monologue that is suitable for your type and allows you to show off your talent.
  • Choose a monologue that is “active” – you are talking to someone and you want something from them in the current moment. Do not choose a monologue in which the character is telling a “story” from the past without a clear need to accomplish something in the present.

Dance Audition

You will learn and execute a short piece of choreography during the audition.

Guidelines for preparation

  • Warm up prior to the audition.
  • Wear appropriate dance or movement attire (jazz pants, leggings, tights, leotards, form-fitting athletic wear). Do not wear shorts, baggy sweatpants or sweatshirts, or shirts that expose a bare midriff, etc.