A group of students gather in front of a framed print on the gallery wall
A faculty member conducts a humanities research workshop as students look on
 Students holding notepads peer intently at a picture in the gallery
 A wide view of students gathered in small groups as they take notes on artwork in the gallery
 An instructor wearing gloves slightly raises a garment from a box on a table as a group of students stands in a semicircle and takes notes
 A young woman jots notes on a notebook as she stands in front of a colorful artwork

Faculty & Teaching

The Miami University Art Museum, accredited since 1984, supports the philosophy that a “liberal education provides the best possible framework for life in a changing world”. The museum staff, specifically, the Curator of Education, Curator of Exhibitions, the Registrar/Manager of Collections , as well as the Administration, work with faculty across disciplines to create and develop museum-based experiences to give students the tools to critique and investigate visual culture.

Schedule a Class Visit

The Miami University Art Museum staff will work with faculty to develop gallery-based experiences to reinforce classroom curricula. For group tours or visits, please call 513.529.2243 or Advanced notice of two weeks is appreciated.

Please include the following information in your email or voicemail:

Group name (college and class title)
Expected number of participants
Faculty name, phone number, and email
Exhibit(s) you’d like to view
Preferred date and time for your tour
Special needs your group might have

Access to Permanent Collections for College Teaching

The Miami University Art Museum collections of over 17, 000 objects represents a wide range of time periods and subject matter and techniques. Faculty and students research and engage with original works of art throughout the semester. Access to the permanent collection for college teaching is available by appointment. Faculty interested in viewing art and/or objects should contact Laura Stewart Registrar/Collections Manager either via email at or by phone at 513.529.2235. Advance notice of at least two weeks is strongly recommended to assure requests for viewing art and prints can be accommodated.


Sketching in the gallery is permitted.