Heritage: Shaping Past, Present and Future

About the Exhibition

Heritage: Shaping Past, Present and Future (Farmer Gallery)
Representations of the past, whether real or imagined, have long been the focus of artists and craftspeople through the ages. Heritage explores how traditions have been reinvented and reimagined over time, from mythologizing to romanticizing, along with attempts to document and conserve in tandem with dismantling the past on to contemporary artists who are exploring new ways of representing, reinventing, and deconstructing cultural heritage in present day and future pasts. Heritage will feature diverse voices from Miami University faculty and external scholars who will contribute interpretive writings in response to select works relevant to the themes of the exhibition and their academic disciplines. 

Exhibition Graphics by Macey Chamberlin, Communication Design student.

Open Aug 22-Dec 16, 2023
Tue–Fri 10 AM–5 PM | Sat 12–5 PM | 2nd Wed 10 AM-8 PM