Subjective Objectivity: Documentary Photography as Fragments of Experience

Fifteen weeks. Eight students. One exhibition. While most museum exhibitions take months, even years, to plan and execute, these Art History seniors curated this show in a semester. This compression of time required them to work hard, work diligently and work together as unified group. Their effort, with guidance from the Miami University Art Museum staff, has produced a showcase of thorough analysis and thoughtful organization regarding the overarching theme of photography as a document. Subjective Objectivity highlights these students’ ability to cultivate, distill, and share knowledge about the topic and individual artists as evident in their writing and curating. This year’s Art and Architecture History Capstone (ART498) delves into the complex way photographs can demonstrate the tension between objectivity and subjectivity. Subjective Objectivity documents their collective exploration of the documentary.

January 26-June 25, 2016

Senior Capstone Exhibition Students

Art history capstone student exhibitors pose on the steps of a buildingThe Art History Capstone (ART498): (Top row, left to right) Dr. Pepper Stetler, Ann Stevenson, Cristina Tranter; (Middle row, left to right) Kimberly Blake, Kathryn Mortensen, Kelsy Chesser; (Bottom row, left to right) Hanna Stanhouse, Maren Madigan, Katrina Fausnaugh

Subjective Objectivity: Documentary Photography as Fragments of Experience Open January 26-June 25, 2016

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Exhibition Programming

Art History Capstone (ART498) Exhibition Reflections: What is it like to work on a museum show?

Wednesday, February 3

Reception: 6 p.m.
Lecture/Gallery talk: 7 p.m.

Hear seven senior Art History majors discuss favorite works and experiences from their capstone exhibition.

Photography Between Art & Document

Wednesday, April 13

5:30–6:30 p.m.

Pepper Stetler, Assistant Professor, Art and Architecture History

This talk will explore the history of photography’s complex status as art. Photography’s role as document has made it a fascinating subject for artists, yet this role has also complicated its status as a medium worthy of the label “art.”

Art History Student Symposium

Wednesday, April 20

6 p.m.

Come hear Miami students share their outstanding research and writing from recent courses in Art and Architecture History.