Innovative through Practice
Interdisciplinary by Design

We envision a world where the arts are valued as an integral part of society and recognized for contributing to interdisciplinary problem solving through creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and collaboration. We strive to uphold craft, foundational skills in arts management, and entrepreneurship and innovation as the ideals for what it means to be an artist in contemporary society. Given the challenges for artists and arts organizations to survive in an increasingly competitive business environment, the need for educated arts leaders is increasing.

The Arts Management and Entrepreneurship program includes a co-major and two minors designed to complement a student’s primary major. Students will gain an understanding of the foundational areas of arts management including leadership and governance, mission-based programming, finance and envelopment, marketing and communications, and audience development and community engagement.

Students will also explore innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy in the arts and how their foundational skills in arts management intersect with emerging trends in the arts. They will explore how their skills go beyond the stage and studio. Emerging trends include Creative Placemaking, Arts + Technology, Arts and Health, Arts Sustainability, Arts for Social Change, Arts Research, and S.E.A.D (Science, Engineering, Arts, and Design) based programming.

The Arts Management and Entrepreneurship program is open to all majors at Miami. In addition to their course work in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship, students gain depth in the arts or business by taking a track in the College of Creative Arts or the Farmer School of Business.


A minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all courses in the Arts Management and Entrepreneurship program.