Prints & The New Power Generation: Pressless Printing Making

Two views of Billy Simms working on prints at a table
 Selection of prints arrayed on a table
 The hand of a person using an ink roller on their project is seen
 Selection of prints arrayed on a table
 2 views of students working on print projects

Date: July 27 – August 8, 2020 (ONLINE)
Medium: Printmaking
Instructor: Billy Simms (email)
Skill Level: All

This two week remote learning course will focus on pressless printmaking techniques that can be completed at home and taught via remote learning. Ideal for the art teacher in the era of Covid 19! Techniques taught will include thumb prints, mono-type prints, stamps, relief prints, and cyanotype prints. This class will have instructor tutorial videos, live virtual one-on-one instructor/student meetings, and live virtual full class critiques.

Printable Version of Course Outline and Supply List [PDF]

Course Objectives

Printmaking involves both design and drawing as well as learning specific printmaking processes that do not require a printing press. These techniques will include thumb prints, monotype prints, cyanotype prints, lino block prints, and prints that incorporate multiple techniques.

Learning Objectives

To develop skills and gain understanding of pressless printmaking techniques that can be explored for personal artistic endeavors and/or taught to students either in a classroom or remotely.

Course Information


Safety precautions must be strictly observed. Follow instructions, use tools and materials in the manner instructed.

Academic Honesty:

Plagiarism, or handing in work which is not your own is academic dishonesty and will be pursued to the fullest extent allowed by the university. Please consult the Miami University handbook for a definition of plagiarism.


Students who require special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact the professor as soon as possible to make any necessary accommodations. The student should present the appropriate verification from Miami University.

Course Requirements:

This class will be delivered online through Canvas. Each week, on Tuesday morning, I will email the week’s assignment to you with instructions and video demonstrations on how to complete the assignment. You will have until the following Tuesday morning to complete the assignment and email me pictures of your completed work.

Assignments and Grading:

The course grade is based on four assignments and class participation. If there are issues with getting an assignment completed on time please email me asap so work can problem solve and issues.

All assignments must be completed to pass the course.

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Undergraduate Credit

Graduate Credit

Tuition does not cover the cost of supplies and materials. Some workshops require you to obtain specific materials or tools.


All Times Eastern Daylight Time

Monday, 07/27: 10:00am-11:00am

  • Google Hangout class meeting
  • Introductions
  • Review syllabus
  • Assign Assignment #1 Thumb Prints

Wednesday, 07/29: 10:00am-11:00am

  • Google Hangout class meeting.
  • Demo Monotype Prints using stencils and objects.
  • Schedule Week One individual conferences.
  • Due: Assignment #1: Thumb Prints
  • Assign: Assignment #2: Monotype Prints using stencils and objects.

Friday, 07/31: 10:00am-Noon

  • Google Hangout class meeting.
  • Critique of Assignments #1 &2
  • Demo lino cuts
  • Due: Assignment #2: Monotype Prints using stencils and objects.
  • Assign: Assignment #3: Stamps and Rubber Lino Blocks

Monday, 08/03: 10:00am-11:00am

  • Google Hangout full class meeting.
  • Demo Cyanotypes
  • Due: Assignment #3: Stamps and Rubber Lino Blocks
  • Assign: Assignment #4: Multiple Techniques Projects

Friday, 08/07: 10:00am-Noon

  • Google Hangout full class meeting.
  • Critique of Assignments #3-4.
  • Course wrap up.
  • Due: Assignment #4: Multiple Technique Project

Individual meetings and work sessions will be scheduled for each student

Supply List

Thumbprint Ink Pads $8.99

Paper $11.46

Inks $23.59

Brayer $11.99

Speedball Carving Tool $10.43

Pink Rubber Blocks $15.99

Monotype Plates $13.83

Cyanotype Kit $11.99

Total cost of supplies plus tax and shipping: $96.28

*Note: If you have comparable supplies you can use those instead of ordering the items on the list. Also, you can use other inks in there specific colors you want to use jsy make sure that the ink is water based. My goal is to make the supplies as inexpensive as possible.


Non-Credit: $220
1 Credit Undergrad: $558.32
1 Credit Grad Special Rate: $285.00

Estimated Materials Cost: $85 to $110

About the Instructor

Billy Simms is an artist and Educator. He has an MFA in studio art with emphasis in printmaking from Miami University. He teaches printing making and other art classes at Miami University, The Fitton Center in Hamilton, OH, and Arts Pace in Portland, IN. He has received several awards for his artwork including The Award of Excellent for the Dayton Area Works on Paper Exhibition. He lives in Hamilton, OH with his wife and four cats.