Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Paint the Seasons in Watercolor

Park View watercolor
watercolor of creek and surrounding plant life

Date: June 25 - 27, 2021 (Summer)
Medium: Watercolor
Instructor: Jean Vance (email)
Skill Level: All

Capture the ever-changing light and mood in the landscape. Learn tricks and tips to create four paintings in a weekend. Each painting will express the fundamental nature of each season. Jean will demonstrate techniques, color mixing, and design principles that will be of use to both beginners and the more experienced painter.

At this time, Paint the Seasons in Watercolor has reached the enrollment limit. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please call the CraftSummer office at 513-529-7395.

Supply List

Supplies are subject to change. A final list will be emailed to each participant before the first day of class.

Please bring to class
Large plastic palette with wells for paint and a surface to mix. I like John Pike palette, but a white tray or dish will work.
paper - Arches 140#, cold press. Two Sheets 22 x 30
Brushes - Flat watercolor brush 1" wide, round watercolor size #8.
The more you love painting, the more you will add.
Paints - in tubes. I use Windsor Newton or Daniel Smith. There are many other brands at a lesser price, but they will not produce the best quality of color. Do not purchase Student Grade.
Thalo Green, Areolin Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Thalo Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Hooker's Green, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Indanthrene Blue, New Gamboge, Cerulean Blue, Raw Sienna, Quinacridone Rose, Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Red, Perylene Green
Colors Stated will be enough to start with - other can be added. There are so many beautiful colors, but these are the essentials to learn first.

More experienced painters, bring other colors you normally have on your palette.

Also - Rags, Kleenex, pencil, fairly large water container. .
Masking Fluid and Pick-up
Masking tape (not blue, or green)

The instructor invites you to call her if you would like to discuss this with
her. Jean Vance: Phone 513-284-9609

Arches Paper - at least two full size (22" x 30") 140# cold press
Paint: I use Daniel Smith, Windsor Newton, Holbein. Do not purchase student grade.

On line: Dick Blick / Renaissance Art Supplies, Hamilton, Ohio

Studio Fee

All workshops have a studio fee. Fees are collected at the end of the workshop and payable by check or credit card. MU no longer accepts cash.

Estimated studio fee for this workshop: $TBD*

*The final cost may vary depending on the actual cost of materials at the time of the workshop. It is possible for fees to be less or greater than the range indicated depending upon individual student usage.

About the Instructor

Jean Vance is a versatile artist and instructor working in watercolor, oil, jewelry, and glass enamel on metal. She earned a Bachelor of Science from Miami University, a Master of Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University. Whether painting portraits, landscapes, or intimate studies of nature her work has a personal quality that is evident in her use of color and her sensitivity to the subject. Her style ranges from abstract “impressions of nature” to more realistic images of people, places and things.

The ancient art of Glass enamel on copper is her second love. Jean finds great similarities between watercolor and transparent glass. The vibrant hues are created on bowls, plaques’ and jewelry.

Jean’s work is represented in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and the Caribbean. In 1981, she was the visiting artist with the first Ohio Trade Fair to the Peoples’ Republic of China. She has had numerous one-woman shows and her work has been included in many juried exhibitions.

Jean is currently an adjunct professor at Miami University and the University of Cincinnati. She continues to teach private classes in Oxford, Ohio, and at the Middletown Ohio Arts Center. She is curator for two annual regional juried exhibitions placing original art in hospitals. She has conducted painting workshops throughout the US.

For information on classes, purchasing work or commissioning paintings, enameled bowls, or jewelry, please contact her:

Jean Vance
208 Oakhill Dr
Oxford, OH 45056
Cell: 513-284-9609