Soda Firing

a gravy boat
 A bowl with glowing effect
 Two round boxes
 Two teapots

Date: June 27 - July 1, 2022 (Summer)
Medium: Pottery
Instructor: Stuart Gair (email)
Skill Level: All

Over the course of the week-long workshop, students will participate in the loading and firing of a soda kiln. Participants will be asked to bring bisqued work that will be loaded on the second day of the workshop.

Throughout the session, a kiln will be strategically loaded, fired to cone ten in a reduced atmosphere and oxidation cooled. Demonstrations of particular forms will be discussed in terms of how they pair with the results of the soda firing process. There will also be an emphasis on slips, glazes, and granitic inclusions in the clay and how they react with the atmosphere within the kiln.

This course has ended.

Supply List

Supplies are subject to change. A final list will be emailed to each participant before the first day of class.

  • Basic tools for working on the wheel rasp
  • X-acto knife
  • fine tooth serated rib respirator

Estimated Cost to Student: $20.00-$30.00

Studio Fee

All workshops have a studio fee. Fees are collected at the end of the workshop and payable by check or credit card. MU no longer accepts cash.

Estimated studio fee for this workshop: $TBD*

*The final cost may vary depending on the actual cost of materials at the time of the workshop. It is possible for fees to be less or greater than the range indicated depending upon individual student usage.

Studio supply fees are an estimate and can be subject to change due to supply chain issues or transportation cost.

About the Instructor

Stuart Gair received a history degree from Ohio University and completed an MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Recently, Stuart was a long term Artist In Residence at The Archie Bray Foundation, where he created a new body of work, taught classes, and explored the surrounding area. Currently, Stuart is teaching at Colorado Mountain College and Carbondale Clay Center and is excited to pursue new ideas as he works toward new surfaces and forms.