Experimenting with STEAM

inflatable construction with people
two people face a board as they create math art
at a chalkboard, two people create math art
a woman stands amid swirling light paths in a darkened room

Date: June 17-18, 2023 (Summer)
Medium: Variable
Instructor: Jeremy Blair (email)
Skill Level: All

In Experimenting with STEAM, participants will learn the origins and possibilities of STEAM Education through hands-on experiments and critical discussions about contemporary art, teaching, and learning. Participants will discover how to simultaneously think like artists and scientists through experimenting with Artmaking Robots, Cameraless Photographs, Light Painting, and Inflatable Sculptures. Ultimately, Experimenting with STEAM will demystify STEAM Education, un-silo school disciplines, and provide innovative ideas and skills for today's K-12 teachers.

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Supply List

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Students do not need to bring anything to this class.

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About the Instructor

Jeremy Blair is an Associate Professor of Art Education at Tennessee Tech University. Originally from Fairfield, Ohio, Jeremy received his bachelor's and master's degrees in art education from Miami University and his doctorate from the University of North Texas.

Jeremy began his career as a K-12 art teacher in Savannah, Georgia. He later served as a visiting professor at the University of Georgia and a curator at the University of Colorado Boulder Art Museum. His art practice, teaching, and scholarship center on exploring art and science intersections through nature, chemistry, and light. He resides in Cookeville, Tennessee.