Featured Speaker: Jinbae Park, Ph.D.

Bishop Honorary Professor of Creative Arts
Former Professor of Interior Design, 2000-2007
Educator/Interior Designer/Restaurateur

Jinbae Park

Throughout his remarkable career, Jinbae Park has succeeded in various vocations including interior designer, educator, author, and restaurateur. His endeavors have carried him to many countries, including Japan, Korea, China, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, and India, as well as to most major cities in Asia, Europe and North America.

Currently residing in New York City, Park teaches aspiring designers as a professor of Interior Design at FIT. In addition to his teaching career, Park has continued his occupation as an independent interior designer and a restaurateur. Park has produced numerous sophisticated projects, most notably Le Club de Vin, Min's Club, Verrazzano, and Silo Café.

In addition to his design work, Park has authored multiple books on design. One Thousand Breakfast, New York Idea, Design and Film, Design and Signature of the Seventh Star, and Design Power Play are among his most revealing published works. He has been a frequent contributor to the principal design periodicals and magazines including Chosun Ilbo, Munhwa Daily Newspaper, Maeil Business Newspaper, and Monthly Design. 

He owned Frame gourmet eatery and Goggan restaurant in New York City, and now is a consultant to business in the field of design, marketing, and hospitality management.

Dr. Park's academic accomplishments include a B.A. in Economics from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, M.S. in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, and a doctoral degree in Architecture from Yonsei University.