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Students spend four days each week working at an internship, and each Friday is spent visiting companies in the area. Students receive 16 credit hours upon completion of the program.

  • IMS 340: Internship, 8 credit hours offered credit/no credit only. Students are full-time interns Monday-Thursday of each week. To get passing credit, students need to have positive feedback from their employer and be present & fully engaged at their internship every single day. Please see below for examples of companies at which students have previously interned.
  • IMS 396/397: Inside the Startup Environment, 3 credit hours. Each Friday, students will visit a variety of companies in their respective city, interacting with business leaders and participating in various activities. This is a graded course, and students receive a grade based on being present and engaged during each visit, as well as asking well thought out questions. Please see below for examples of companies students will visit. The course number differs based on the city of participation.
  • IMS 398: Startup Networking, 1 credit hour. Students are required to network each week with business leaders both at their company and beyond, attending networking events, scheduling coffee meetings and more. Students are responsible for scheduling all meetings.
  • IMS 440: Senior Capstone Project, 4 credit hours. Over the course of the semester, students will work as a group to complete a project, likely for a client in the area. In order to receive senior capstone credit, students must enter the program with at least 80 credit hours. Students are graded on how well they demonstrate team leadership, their performance at a level of excellence while completing project-related tasks, their engagement with the client frequently and professionally and their ability to meet deadlines while delivering an excellent product. This capstone is also cross-listed as a Marketing capstone, which can be verified on a Degree Audit Report (DAR).

All of these courses will count toward the IMS major and co-major. For students who have participated in the Spring 2019 program and earlier, these courses fulfill the Interactive Media Studies Minor. Beginning in the Fall of 2019, the program courses and prerequisites together will fulfill the requirements of the new Digital Innovation Minor.

To determine the best way to work this program into your schedule or for specific questions regarding the requirements, please contact program management.