Board of Trustees 1982 Resolution on Historic Preservation at Miami University
From RESOLUTION R83-26 "Pertaining to Campus Historic Preservation"
Miami Board of Trustees, December 4, 1982

  1. Buildings (or structures) of greatest historical significance – Elliot Hall, Stoddard Hall, McGuffey Museum, Lewis Place, Simpson Guest House, Old Manse, Langstroth Cottage, Peabody Hall, Patterson Place, Stillman-Kelley Studio, Kumler Chapel, Miami Field Gateways, Nameston 1820, Brice Hall cornerstones, McGuffey Memorial statue, and George Washington statue.
  2. Buildings (or structures) of functional value along with historic, architectural, or aesthetic interest – Oxford College, Bonham House, McKee Hall, Hall Auditorium, McGuffey Hall, Alumni Hall, Bishop Hall, Sawyer Gymnasium, Ogden Hall, The Pines, Western Lodge, and Western College Bridges.
  3. Buildings desirable of preservation primarily for functional values – Robertson Hall, MacMillan Hall, Wells Hall, Swing Hall, Irvin Hall, Gaskill Hall, and Mary Lyon Hall
  4. Open space areas deserving permanent protection – Bishop Circle Area, Cook Field, Peffer Park, the Formal Gardens Area, the Slant Walk Areas, and all of the Western Campus except that space between the Art Museum and Presser Hall.