1960 Letter from John Millett to Bishop Family

January 18, 1960

Mrs. Robert H. Bishop
Fairmont and County Line Roads
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Dear Constance:

I'm very glad to have your letter of January 13. You are right that we should complete our plans as soon as possible for next June.

From the point of view of the University, Friday, June 3 is a rather poor day for which to make plans. The Board of Trustees meets all day on June 3. While it would be possible to break our meeting for a brief ceremony and while it would be nice to have all the trustees present, it would mean that we could not vie as much attention to you and your family as we would like.

Apart from Saturday, June 4, it occurs to me that another possible date might be Monday, May 30, which is a University holiday and Memorial Day. There would be two advantages to this date. I believe we could house most of the members of your family in our two University guest houses. Simpson Guest House could take care of five or six persons, while Grey Gables would be able to accommodate ten persons. This would also mean that the special facilities of our University Center could be made available for dinner and other gatherings of your family. The disadvantage to the date would be the fact that we would probably not have a very large number of persons for either ceremony.

If you wish to go ahead with the June 4 schedule, there are two new and very attractive motels which have bee built in this past year at Hamilton. One of these is called the Capri and the other the Plaza. We could make reservations for you there, but we ought to do so soon because these motels are very much in demand over our Commencement Weekend.

I shall be glad to arrange our plans to suit your convenience. We can make the date May 30, June 3, or June 4. If we make the date June 3 or June 4, I shall call up one of the motels in Hamilton and see if they will set aside a block of rooms for your family. In the meantime, I hope also you will write to your family and I shall be glad to send an invitation myself as soon as we have agreed upon the exact date.

Mrs. Robert H. Bishop
January 18, 1960
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You'll be glad to know that the Bishop Memorial Gates are all finished and look most attractive. Unfortunately, the Gates do not have the setting that they really need to show them off well. I'm afraid our landscape work will not be finished by June either. It's going to be September before the whole area really looks the way we now envisage it. By next September the Gates will really be at their best. I hope you and your family will understand this and not be too disappointed because the Gates do not yet have their proper setting.

We are arranging the contract now for paving the driveway and sidewalks. I would hope that all of this work could be completed by the end of May, but I dare not make any promise. I can only say that I'm going to do everything I possibly can to have the area look the way we want it to appear when you are here the end of May or first of June. I can promise you that by next September the whole area will look quite different from the way it does today.

I hope you are having a good winter. With best regards,


John D. Millett