Museums Miami integrates and enhances Miami University’s rich resources for the study and preservation of art, material culture and natural history. By connecting a broad range of departments and disciplines across the university, the center seeks to strengthen the role of museum collections and object-based learning in the university’s educational mission.


  • Position Miami’s museums and collections as an integral part of the educational experience at Miami University in ways that benefit all majors
  • Increase interdisciplinary dialog and exchange.
  • Provide increased access to physical collections through comprehensive digital catalogs and an integrated interface that allows independent catalogs to be searched simultaneously.
  • Enhance the interdisciplinary research capabilities infrastructure at Miami University.
  • Formally integrate the contributions of Miami’s museums and material collections into the institutional strategic plan.


Director: The directorship of the Center rotates amongst the chief administrators of each of Miami’s formal collecting units included in the Museums Miami collaborative. The selection process will be coordinated by the Steering Committee. Center Directors serve a two-year term, with the appointment approved by the Office of the Provost. The Director and Steering Committee submit an annual report on Center activities to the Associate Provost for Research and Scholarship. 

Robert S. Wicks, Miami University Art Museum, Director, 2019-2021

Steven M. Sullivan, Hefner Museum of Natural History, Associate Director, 2019-2021

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of staff representing each unit of the Museums Miami collaborative as well as Miami faculty (tenured and untenured) with a demonstrated commitment to the Museums Miami mission. The steering committee provides guidance and leadership to Museums Miami and assesses progress toward the stated objectives and goals. The steering committee holds a minimum of two meetings per year and is also responsible for assisting with public outreach. Members serve staggered three-year terms, with the opportunity for renewal. A chair and secretary is designated by majority vote of the committee.

Steering Committee (2019-2022)

Steve Conn (HST)

Steve Gordon (McGuffey Museum)

William Modrow (Special Collections)

Dan Prior (HST)

Jason Shaiman (MUAM)

Helen Sheumaker (HST)

Pepper Stetler (ART)

Mike Vincent (BIO, Turrell Herbarium)