Architecture/Engineering Design Team Travels to Colorado Rockies

Sunrise over tents in snow in the RockiesAn upper-level Architecture studio led by Professor Scott Johnston and Ted Wong, in partnership with Seniors in the College of Engineering and Computing, led by Michael Bailey Van-Kuren, traveled to Colorado in late February to kick off the design of two "net-zero" cabins. The cabins will be designed with the goal of having net-zero energy use, with closed loop water and waste systems. The designs will be completed this spring semester, with some fabrication and prototyping of systems taking place over the summer. Advanced window and wall systems being developed will be tested over the next winter season at Miami's Ecology Research Center, with the final cabin construction scheduled for summer 2015.

Students in classroomThe cabins are to be built overlooking the Beaver Ponds at Sacramento Creek Ranch, near Fairplay Colorado. The Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center is the creation of Miami Alumni Al and Terry Hershey, who are sponsoring the project. Terry is also a member of the Miami Board of Trustees.Internally lit tents at night in the snowGroup portrait of students and staff who participated in the project