Call For Nominations: Crossan Hays Curry Award

Crossan Hays Curry
Crossan Hays Curry

In 1994, the College of Creative Arts received a substantial endowment to establish an annual award to recognize a distinguished educator in the division. The endowment is named for Professor Emeritus Crossan Hays Curry, a former faculty member in the Department of Art, who was greatly admired by students for his teaching and his art making. The award recipient will be given approximately $1,500 in a professional expense account.

Previous recipients include Harvey Thurmer (2013), Tom Effler (2012), Robert Benson (2011), Julia Guichard (2010), Sara Butler (2009), Chris Tanner (2008), Sandra Seefeld (2007), John Reynolds (2006), Brenda Mitchell (2005), Jim Killy (2004), Mary Harris (2003), Michelle Gingras (2002), Steven Shumway (2001), Peg Faimon (2000), John Weigand (1999), Clive Getty (1998), William Albin (1997), Tom Dutton (1996), and Crossan Hays Curry (1995). We invite you to submit nominations for the 20th recipient of the Curry Distinguished Educator Award. 


Provide a brief statement (1-3 pages) that describes:

1. The context of your teaching (what classes you teach, to whom…)  

2. Your teaching philosophy

3. A description of one or two meaningful teaching experiences

Nominee statements are due electronically to Susan Ewing, Associate Dean, College of Creative Arts, by Friday, April 6, 2015

The College of Creative Arts Curry Committee will review all materials and make a recommendation to the Dean. Presentation of the award will take place at the final College of Creative Arts Faculty and Staff meeting of 2015.

We are honored to have this award recognizing our outstanding faculty and we encourage you to participate in the nomination process.

The Curry Award was made possible by the generosity of John and Jean Ervasti