Music and Physics join forces in 'The Planets'


The Department of Physics joins forces with the Department of Music to feature a transdisciplinary program that explores how the mysteries of the universe are connected with music: from the origins of the cosmos to superstring theory. Special guests include Professor Renate Crawford, who will narrate the program during the performance of Gustav Holst’s The Planets.

"The Mathematical Liberal Arts"

What is the Universe? The Universe is a symphony of vibrating strings…We are nothing but Melodies. We are nothing but Cosmic Music played out on vibrating strings and Membranes.

—Michio Kaku, Professor of Physics

Art interprets the visible world: images through the visual arts and sounds through music. Physics charts its unseen workings. The two realms seem completely opposed.

But consider that both strive to reveal truths for which there are no words—with physicists using the language of mathematics and musicians through the manipulations of sounds. The connections of music and physics has been explored since the beginning of our civilization, through the Greek concept of the liberal arts, where Music was placed side by side with Astronomy as part of the quadrivium, the mathematical liberal arts.

The concert will be performed by the Miami University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ricardo Averbach. Tickets are available at the Miami University Box Office.

Miami University Symphony Orchestra

Music and Physics

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 7:30PM
Hall Auditorium

Featuring The Planets by Gustav Holst, narrated by Dr. Renate Crawford

Miami University Symphony Orchestra

Ricardo Averbach, conductor

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Student | Youth: $5.00
Adult | Senior: $10.00

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