Mission Statement

People strike humorous poses in Master class group picture featuring Intergalactic Nemesis as guest lecturers

The arts are a critical element to understanding, appreciating and enhancing life. The Performing Arts Series offers a venue in which to experience the arts. As our community seeks to understand itself and others, the Performing Arts Series seeks to provide both a window through which to view ideas, cultures, art forms, as well as to provide a mirror in order to reflect upon ourselves, our history, our own culture. As a service provided by Miami University, the Performing Arts Series will play an important role in developing and educating new audiences for the present and for the future.

The Performing Arts Series needs to build gateways welcoming the uninitiated to the existing fine arts programming. By demolishing barriers of ignorance, inaccessibility and apathy, and by constructing activities and programs that create an exciting and inviting atmosphere around our performances, we can fulfill our goal of increasing involvement in the traditional fine arts programming PAS has always presented.

But the Performing Arts Series shall also take another step. By broadening the scope of what defines our programming, we automatically broaden our audience. By reflecting the culture as it exists today in addition to our traditional presenting, we become more relevant and more accessible to those we must seek to serve—Miami University students, the Oxford community and the region. This can be accomplished through meaningful and effective collaborations with other people and programs as well as our own initiatives.