Black Arts Initiative Community Engagement

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Virtual guest speakers

Arts and Activism. Global Black Culture.  Black History and Music. Anti-Racism  Equitable Entrepreneurship.

These are just a few subject areas our artists are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience in. Incorporating one or more virtual guest speaker or panel interactions into your organization’s programming can open your group to a whole new way of experiencing themselves and the world. 

Contact us to set up an initial discussion with our team. We will then match you with one or more of our artists based on topics you wish to explore and our artists schedules.


Organizational Leadership Consultation

Your organization's leadership team can work directly with one of our artists on anti-racism and decolonization tactics for relationship repair, harm reduction and harm prevention to aid them in future interactions with your organization's community and the wider Miami community.


Listening Parties with Michael Mwenso 

Black music holds gifts as medicine, nutrition, meditation, therapy, and solace. Through the communal act of listening to music, Michael dynamically guides a greater human connection by using stories of the human condition through the lived experiences of powerful and important Black artists. Participants will listen to and talk through a curated Spotify playlist as a group.  


Inside the Creative Process 

Experience an intimate exploration of the work and creative process. This could be done in a variety of formats, from small group discussion to pre-recorded presentation to a panel presentation to a simple Q&A.  From Simeon Marsalis reading from his debut novel “As Lie Is to Grin” to photojournalist and art photographer Frank Stewart discussing his powerful images of Black Culture in America. 


LGBTQ+  Panel of Black Artists

A panel of LGBTQ+ identifying Black artists, from across the diaspora share their lived experiences and how they have been able to craft their lives.  The panel discussion can be followed by a Q&A with participants.