Uprooting Medea

A Black woman wearing a simple red dress with designs painted in white on her face and arm is surrounded by several other Black women embracing her waist 

Wife, Mother, Immigrant, Murderer

Khameleon Productions
co-sponsored by the Brown Arts Institute 

Presented in collaboration with the Departments of French, Italian and Classical Studies, English, Music, and Theater.

Medea, a woman newly arrived on Greek shores and stricken with grief after learning that her husband has left her and married another woman, is faced with impossible choices and plans appalling revenge on her ex, destroying everything he and she hold dear. This Greek tragic play is a timeless tale of the broken power balance between men and women throughout history and the self-destructive ways those relationships can play out.

Providing a provocative lens for examining the ‘classic’ drama, the Uprooting Medea project comes to Oxford April 11th facilitated by Miami professors Dr. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong and Dr. Denise McCoskey. The event introduces Khamelon's ground-breaking project sparked by a production of Medea at Oxford University in 2020. There the classic work was reenvisioned with an all-global majority cast and crew, featuring original compositions, movement and spoken word. The production re-centered themes of race, belonging and identity in Euripides’s original text. 

Uprooting Medea will explore the creative practice of elevating global-majority artists through multimedia forms including theater, film, music and poetry, and will give an insight into the company's upcoming short film on the project (to be released later in 2022).


Related Events

Be introduced to the timeless tragedy of Medea or reacquaint yourself with one or both of these related  events.

Screening and Panel Discussion
Pier Pasolini's 1969 film starring Maria Callas
Tuesday, March 8, 3:00 p.m.
Harrison Hall Rm. 204

In-person screening of Pier Pasolini's film Medea (with Maria Callas), followed by a panel discussion featuring Daniele Fioretti, Denise McCoskey, and Andrea Righi [a Blue-Ray of the film will be placed on reserve in King Library following the event] 

Watch Party
1986 Broadway production
Tuesday, April 5, 5:30 pm
Virtual (Link to come)

Virtual “watch party” of a Broadway production of Euripides' play, followed by a panel discussion featuring Judith de Luce and other guests [the film can be streamed through MU libraries: https://video-alexanderstreet-com.proxy.lib.miamioh.edu/watch/medea].