Williams Leadership Scholarship

Mr. Bob Williams, 2009The Bob and Barbara Williams Leadership Scholarships are administered through the Paper Science and Engineering Foundation at Miami. These scholarships are made available in the fall semester through the generosity of Mr. Robert C. Williams (deceased) and his wife Barbara (deceased). Mr. Williams retired as the Chief Executive Officer of the former James River Corporation. Mr. and Mrs. Williams support the education of students who show exemplary leadership, creativity and scholastic achievement in the field of paper science and engineering at Miami University.

What are Williams Leadership Scholars?

Williams Leadership Scholars are outstanding engineering students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, who earnestly strive to grasp the theories presented and go beyond just working out the problems that they are assigned. They ask probing questions that get to the heart of the matter and they know what to do with the answers. More than just “intellectually curious”, Williams Leadership Scholars are insightful and thoroughly absorb the subjects that are being taught.

Williams Leadership Scholars are, by definition, leaders. They are leaders in thought, word and deed. They have a personal leadership philosophy that drives their actions in school, in extracurricular activities and in their work. They have a compelling vision of their own success and where they are going to take their own careers, and they understand the difference between leaders and managers. They have a consistently positive attitude that is contagious and improves the quality of their own work assignments as well as the performance of those with whom they work. They inspire others to be better.

Williams Leadership Scholars are creative in how and where they lead, and in the solutions that they promote as good engineers. They may lead as members of a team or workgroup (as leading can, at times, be demonstrated by being a good follower), or they may assume leadership roles in volunteer positions as well as in the organizations that pay them. In any case, they demonstrate a leader’s skills and abilities in a wide variety of work situations and engineering opportunities.

Williams Leadership Scholars are dedicated to developing their careers in the paper industry, whether in management, manufacturing operations, research, academia or in the greater supplier community. The evidence of their dedication is seen in their volunteer leadership roles in Student TAPPI as well as membership in National TAPPI and engagement in the many online forums, blogs and groups where peer-to-peer discussion topics include a wide variety of technical and business issues. They seek to challenge the status quo of the paper industry facets in which they are interested and look for opportunities to add to the body of knowledge.

2022-23 Scholarship Recipients

Rachel Olp

Mason Schwartz

Kate Ross

Adam Temple

Elijah Laser