Requirements for successful completion of the GCSP program are:

  • The program is open to any Miami undergraduate in good standing.
  • Applicants should have at least three semesters remaining until graduation at the time they begin their GCSP experience.
  • Prepare and receive approval from the Grand Challenges Scholars Steering Committee for your plan of study and application essay (see the application page).
  • Once accepted, scholars will:
    • Enroll continuously in, and complete requirements for, CEC 140 Grand Challenges Scholars Experience,
    • Participate continuously in the Grand Challenges Scholars in Residence Program,
    • Ultimately, complete your plan of study and receive designation as a NAE Grand Challenges Scholar.

CEC 140 Grand Challenges Scholars Experience is a one (1) credit hour course that provides mentoring and helps to keep you on track toward successful completion of your GCSP experience. Requirements include:

  • Participation in the Grand Challenges Scholar in Residence Program through attendance at presentations, seminars, meetings, and social events.
  • Attend required presentations such as capstone or research presentations.
  • Each semester (fall and spring) submit a progress report, updated GCSP plan of study when necessary, and a reflection to the GCSP Steering Committee.
  • Progress reports can include any changes to the plan of study which must be approved by the GCSP Steering Committee.
  • Reflections should address how completed experiences connect with the scholar’s selected grand challenge theme or problem.