Miami Agile Initiative

What is the Miami Agile Initiative?

The goal of the Miami Agile Initiative is to introduce more professors to Agile, while encouraging them to incorporate Agile practices and thinking into their teaching regardless of their discipline. During the 2014-15 academic year a cross-disciplinary group of faculty representing all Miami University academic divisions began to explore pedagogical applications of Agile through the Agile University Faculty Learning Community, sponsored by Miami’s Center for Teaching Excellence. This work led to the creation, in 2015 through a grant from the Provost’s Office, of the Agile Initiative. The Agile Initiative is led by a cross-disciplinary group of faculty.

What is Agile?

The Agile Way of Working (or Agile) is a collection of principles and practices that supports rapid and flexible response to change. It does this by promoting open communication, transparency, collaboration, continuous improvement, and reflection within self-managed teams of problem solvers. Agile accomplishes this by embracing changing requirements, delivering products frequently, using human-centric methods, and engaging the customer in regular collaboration. Agile puts heavy emphasis on articulating goals, facilitating interactions, improving team dynamics, supporting collaboration, and encouraging experimentation and innovation. Agile originated and is widely adopted in the software development industry, but is now is now used widely in business operations.

2018 Workshop Schedule

  • Introduction to Agile for Faculty: August 14-16

The Marcum Hotel and Conference Center is the recommended hotel for attendees from outside of Miami. 

Workshop Application and Cost

  • Workshop fee is $1,000 per person. The fee is waived for Miami University faculty members.
  • For more information and an application form, please email Tim Krehbiel,

For information about the Agile Initiative or to participate in one of the workshops, contact one of the co-directors:

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