You will need to register for courses for each semester that you attend Miami. Please refer to BannerWeb for information about when your registration window is, keeping in mind that certain student populations (e.g. student-athletes, Honors, special needs) will have priority registration prior to other students in their same academic year (e.g. sophomores). A full-time course load is 12 credit hours; less than that is considered a part-time course load. A typical CEC course load is between 15-18 credit hours per semester. For the best choices of courses and class times, please make every effort to register during you allotted registration window.

Students can add or drop courses via the BannerWeb system through 11:59 PM of the third day of classes for a full semester term class; second day of classes for a sprint class. After that, you will need to use a Change of Schedule form (commonly referred to as the “force-add form” or “drop/add form”) to add/drop courses, and this form requires the signature of the instructor as well as the department chair of the department offering the course. In order to be able to register for a course, there will need to be an opening in the section of the course that you want, and you must meet all pre- or co-requisites for that course. Please refer to the Miami Bulletin for more information on course pre- and co-requisites, as well as co-registration courses (such as labs).

If you cannot register for a class that you need for your major, please check the following:

  • Ensure that you meet all pre- and co-requisites for the course (ex: PHY191 requires that you're either registered for or have completed Calculus 1). 
  • Make certain that there are no co-registrations required (ex: CHM141 and CHM144 must be co-registered).
  • Make sure that the course is offered during the term you are trying to register for it. 
  • If the course is at its registration limit, you may request to be added to the course. Please follow the appropriate directions, by department, to request to be added to a full course:
    • MME or EGM - email, with your name, BannerID number, major, the course number/section, CRN, and your current course schedule
    • CSE - Regarding force-adds, please visit the CSE force-add page. Then login and follow the directions. 
    • ECE - contact the ECE main office in 260 Garland Hall or
    • CPB - contact CPB main office in 64 EGB or Laurie Edwards at
    • CEC - contact the CEC Dean's Office in 106 Benton or Dr. Brian Kirkmeyer at
    • Non-CEC departmental courses such as CHM, ECO, ENG, MTH, PHY, BIO - contact the department offering the course for the appropriate actions. 

Important Note

Please note that for all classes there is a time period during which you can drop a course completely from your record, and a second time period during which you can withdraw with a grade of 'W' (does not count toward your GPA). For these deadlines please see Miami's academic calendar Please note that any course offered in the sprint format (e.g. CEC101 lasting only 7.5 weeks rather than the standard 15 weeks) will have a different set of deadlines, than will a course offered in a standard full-semester format.