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Two photos of students working in labs wearing lab coats and goggles
A collage of photos. On the left a petri dish being held to the light and on the right a faculty member with students in a lab
A collage of photos. On the left students are working in class and on the right are two students working on the paper machine
A collage of photos of examples of 3D printed mesh and a photo of a CPB professor talking with a student
A collage of photos. On the left Dr. Paluch working with a student and on the right students work in a lab

ASEE Diversity Recognition Program BadgeWith a degree in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering or engineering management, you will be poised to tackle some of the most important technical problems facing society. Through our accredited curricula, our professors will guide and mentor you as you build a rock solid engineering, science and mathematical foundation. From there, you will learn to tap your personal creativity and ingenuity to team with classmates to explore specialized fields of contemporary importance. Focus areas include Biochemical and bioprocessing, environmental, biomedical, pulp and paper science, bioinformatics, and pre-medical preparation. Our graduates are well prepared to enter industry or continue their education in graduate or medical school.


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