About Us

Dr. Almquist in her office talking with a studentOur department offers undergraduate majors in bioengineering, chemical engineering and engineering management, each with technical concentrations that are highly relevant and marketable as a profession. The department also offers a Master of Science degree and gives students opportunities to explore contemporary technical problems within research groups. Undergraduates are encouraged to consider the combined bachelor's/master's degree program, which can be a powerful advantage for certain career paths.

If you choose to study paper science, as a chemical engineering or engineering management major, you will be eligible for industry sponsored scholarships offered through the Miami University Paper Science and Engineering Foundation.

Your summers may be filled with exploring and learning opportunities through internship and coop work experiences, onsite research with a faculty research group, or study abroad programs with an engineering or cultural focus.

Our close relationship with the paper and chemical industry means that companies know our students and look forward to hiring them as interns and full time hires. The pay is excellent, but more importantly the experience will be beneficial for your education, your career and your character.

Year round, our labs are filled with graduate and undergraduate students investigating important problems under the guidance of our faculty. In the summer, students are paid to work side by side with some of the leading researchers in their fields.

And whether it is summer in Europe or winter in Asia our students have a broad selection of international study abroad opportunities to choose from, through the department, the College of Engineering, or the university.

In our department, you will find a welcoming environment that is rich in growth opportunities and where learning is both challenging and fun.