Catherine Almquist, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Catherine Almquist


64 J Engineering Building

Research Interests

  • Environmental Catalysis
  • Photocatalysis
  • Adsorption


  • Ph.D., Environmental Engineering
    University of Cincinnati
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering
    University of Cincinnati
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering
    Ohio State University

Research Bio

Dr. Catherine Almquist received her BS in Chemical Engineering (1989) from The Ohio State University, an MS in Chemical Engineering (1996) and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (2001) from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to her graduate education at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Almquist worked in process R&D for one year at Dow Corning in Carrollton, KY and in contract research for 7 years at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Almquist joined Miami University in 2001. Dr. Almquist’ s research areas are in environmental catalysis, adsorption, and pollution prevention. She enjoys investigating methods to clean air and water, and to utilize industrial, municipal, and agricultural wastes as raw materials for value-added products, such as energy, fuels, catalysts, and adsorbents.

Dr. Almquist has ~30 publications in peer-reviewed literature and one US patent in the areas of her research interests. She is active in undergraduate and graduate student research and engineering education. She is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE); the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), and the American Chemical Society (ACS).


  • Associate Professor, Miami University, 2007–present
  • Assistant Professor, Miami University, 2001–2007

Consulting/Professional Experience

  • Research Scientist, Aerosol Science and Technology Assessment, Battelle Memorial Institute, 1990–1997 
  • Chemical Engineer, Process Research and Development, Dow Corning, Inc., 1989–1990

Research Projects

  • Novel adsorbents for fuel vapor recovery
  • Catalysts for CO2 reforming of methane
  • Applications of Photocatalysis for destruction of fuel vapors

Principal Publications


  • Singh, R, Dong, H, Liu, D,  Zhao, L, Marts, AR, Farquhar, E, Tierney, DL, Almquist, CB, and Briggs, BR (2015).  Reduction of hexavalent chromium by the thermophilic methanogen Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus.  Geochimica et Comsochimica Acta, 148, pp. 442-456.
  • Almquist, C, Krekeler, M, and Jiang, LL (2014).  An investigation on the structure and catalytic activity of cryptomelane-type manganese oxide materials prepared by different synthesis routes. Chemical Engineering Journal, 252, pp. 249-262. 
  • Smith, DB and Almquist, CB (2014).  The anaerobic co-digestion of fruit and vegetable waste and horse manure mixtures in a bench-scale, two-phase anaerobic digestion system.  Environmental Technology, 35(7), pp. 859-867.
  •   Almquist, C. and Qin, N. (2012), Pyrolysis of deinked paper sludge to synthesize adsorbents for elemental Hg vapors. Environ. Prog. Sustainable Energy, 32(3), pp. 524-534.
  • Sahle-Demessie E, Almquist CB, and Devulapelli VG (2011).  Pilot-Scale Study on Ozone-Enhanced Catalytic Oxidation of Waste Gas Emissions from the Pulp and Paper Industry.  Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, 30(3), pp. 268-277. 
  • Almquist, C (2010).  Considerations of Particle Size in Aqueous Phase Photocatalysis kinetics with TiO 2. Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies, 13(3) Special Issue: SI, pp. 262-273.
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  • Catherine B. Almquist, Endalkachew Sahle-Demessie, Sridara Chandra Sehker, and Julia Sowash (2007). Methanol oxidation using ozone on titania-supported vanadia catalyst. Environmental Science and Technology, 41(13) pp. 4754-4760. 
  • Bart Wojas and  Catherine Almquist (2007). Mass concentration and metals speciation of PM2.5, PM10, and total suspended solids in Oxford, Ohio and comparison with those from metropolitan sites in the Greater Cincinnati Region. Atmospheric Environment, 41, pp. 9064-9078. 
  • V. Kumar, N. Lee, and  C. L. Bothe Almquist (2006). The catalytic oxidation of methanol over nanostructured WO3/V2O5/TiO2 catalysts prepared by 2 different methods.  Applied Catalysis B: Environmental ,69 pp. 101-114. 
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  • John Graham,  C. L. Bothe Almquist, Sachin Kumar and Sukh Sidhu (2004), " An Investigation of Nanostructured Vandia/Titania Catalysts for the Oxidation of Monochlorobenzene",  Applied Catalysis, 88(1-2), pp. 73-82. 
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  • Catherine Almquist, 19 th International Conference on Semiconductor Photocatalysis and Solar Energy Conversion, San Diego, CA, November, 2014. Use of UV/LEDs for AOT water treatment.
  • Catherine Almquist, 3 rd International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering, Cincinnati, Ohio August, 2013. Poster Presentation on PFOA adsorption on Activated Carbons.
  • Catherine Almquist, Lulu Jiang, Jared Minges, Ryan Flannery, and Mark Krekeler, AICHE Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October 31, 2012.  Oral presentation on The role of Zn on structure and catalytic activity of MnO2 catalysts.
  • David Smith and Catherine Almquist, 6th Annual University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO) conference in Columbus, Ohio, April 2012.  Poster presentation on Anaerobic digestion of Food Waste and Horse Manure Mixtures - an investigation on biogas composition and yield.
  • Catherine Almquist, AICHE Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, October 2011.  Oral presentation on the Use of pyrolyzed de-inked paper sludge as an elemental Hg adsorbent.
  • Catherine Almquist, 5 th Annual University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO) conference in Columbus, Ohio, April 2011.  Two poster presentations on 1) Anaerobic digestion of horse manure at Miami University; and 2) Catalytic gasification of biomass.
  • Catherine Almquist, 4 th Annual University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO) conference in Columbus, Ohio, April 2010.  Poster presentation on Gasification of biomass using a novel lab-scale gasification reactor.
  • Catherine Almquist, 14th International Conference on TiO2 Photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications. Niagara Falls, NY, October 8, 2009 “Role of TiO2 particle size on aqueous-phase photocatalysis”. 
  • Catherine Almquist, TAPPI EPE Conference. Memphis, TN, October 13, 2009 “Field study on ozone-enhanced catalytic oxidation of waste gas emission from the pulp and paper industry”. 
  • Catherine Almquist, AICHE Annual Conference, Nashville, TN, Nov 8-13, 2009 “Field study on ozone-enhanced catalytic oxidation of waste gas emission from the pulp and paper industry”, presented by E. Sahle Demessie of the US EPA in Cincinnati. 
  • Catherine B. Almquist, Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (CERMACS), Columbus, Ohio. Guy Litt’s technical poster was presented at a poster session, entitled “An Investigation of CuO/Fe2O3 Catalysts for the Gas-Phase Oxidation of Ethanol.” 
  • Sharma, G. and  Almquist, C. B. (2007), “Ozone-enhanced photocatalytic oxidation of methylene blue” 37th Mid-Atlantic Industrial and Hazardous Waste Conference, March 21-23, Cincinnati, Ohio. ”
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  • US Patent 05445742, "Process for Purifying Halosilanes", Dow Corning Corporation, August 29, 1995.