Asaad Althoubi

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Visiting Assistant Instructor

BEN 103


  • Ph.D. of Science
    Kent State University
    Major: Computer Science
  • Master of Science
    Kent State University
    Major: Computer Science

Significant Coursework

  • Algorithms and Complexity Theory
  • Data Structure and Programming Principles
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Data Centers and Cloud Computing
  • System Simulation
  • Data Analytics and Visualization

University Teaching Experience

Place: Kent State University, Kent, Ohio USA, 2017 - 2021
Role: Instructor

  • Developed curriculum and taught Procedural Programming (C++)
  • Developed curriculum and taught Object-Oriented Programming (C++)
  • Developed and taught Introduction to Database Systems Design (SQL, SQLite)
  • Developed curriculum and taught Algorithms and Programming II course (Graduate Level)
  • Taught Programming for Scientists (Python and R)
  • Taught Software Development (Capstone)
  • Taught Programming Principles and Data Structure (C++)

Place: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio USA, Spring 2022 - Present
Role: Assistant Professor

  • Developed and teaching Systems II course (Combined Operating Systems Concepts and Cloud Computing)


Current Research (In Progress)

  • Developing a New Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Data Center
  • Analyzing Delay Variation in Cloud Data Center