Mohammed Salman, Ph.D.

Dr. Mohammed Salman

Visiting Assistant Professor

BEN 205H


  • Ph.D., Computer Science
    Wright State
  • M.Sc., Computer Science
    Anbar Universtiy, Iraq
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
    Anbar Universtiy, Iraq



  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL

Bigdata Tools

  • Spark
  • Hadoop

Software Packages

  • Gurobi, Spreadsheet

Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning (RNN, LSTM, MLP)
  • Deep Learning Platforms (Keras)
  • Regression Models
  • Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
  • Various Classification and Clustering

Work Experience

Wright State University - Networking Lab
Jan 2016 - Current
Dayton, OH

  • Analyzing Data to study the behavior of computer network traffic
  • Deep Learning - (LSTM Model), and Machine Learning-oriented project.

Anbar University
Research Assistance and programmer
May 2006 - Dec 2014
Anbar, Iraq

  • Working on a computer network simulations to enchance routing protocols.

Selected Projects

Simultaneous Real-Time Traffic Engineering Benchmarking
2019 - Present

  • An active project that implements various Traffic Engineering (TE) algorithms and compares them with a different set of metrics in an easy and efficient manner.


  • A project that implements various Traffic Engineering (TE) objective functions and collects data for analyzing and visualizing them.

Attack Detection in a Computer Network Using RNN LSTMs Neural Networks

  • Implemented a deep learning model (LSTMs) to classify normal traffic from malicious traffic using the KDD99 dataset.

Message Ferrying in Disconnected Clustered Ad-Hoc Network

  • Applied the technique of heuristic algorithm to maximize the performance of transferring messages among disconnected clusters using a ferry node. The project was conducted using the NS-2 network simulator.


Computer Network Programming
The Year of 2013 & 2014
AlAnbar University

Introduction to Databases
The Year of 2013

Distributed Database Systems
The Year of 2014

Selected Publications

Invited Conferences

  • The 2 nd IEEE International Conference on Smart Cloud (SmartCloud 2017) November 3 rd-5 th, 2017, New York, USA.
  • PG NET 2012 – The 13 th annual postgraduate symposium on the convergence of Telecommunications, Networking, and Broadcasting – Liverpool John Moores University


Four months of a research training program at Liverpool John Moores University – Liverpool, UK.

  • Conducted part of my research at this university while using their computing facilities to run large computer network simulations.


Online Courses (MOOCs)

  • Machine Learning (Andrew Ng)
  • Java Programming (UC San Diego)
  • Complete practical SDN and OpenFlow Fundamentals by David Bombal

Courses at Wright State University

  • Advanced Software Engineering CS 7140
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis CS 7200
  • Distributed Computing CEG 7370
  • Advanced Computer Networks 7450
  • Host Computer Security 6420
  • Embedded Systems 7360
  • Cloud Computing 7380
  • Cyber Network Security 6430
  • Machine Learning 7830
  • Optimization Techniques 6270
  • Data Mining 6710
  • HPC & Parallel Programming 6900