Cloud Computing and Dev Ops

CSE Course offered Fall 2021



Scott Campbell

Course Description

Software development and deployment benefits from DevOps which creates efficient development, deployment and operation of software. Cloud computing offers new tools that can greatly benefit DevOps and is being widely used by companies from startups to large scale enterprises. This course provides an introduction into the process of development and deploying software using devops and cloud based technologies. It focuses on software development and deployment using open-source packages and impacts all aspects of the software life-cycle.

This will be a very hands on course using cloud and devops development strategies.


CSE 278

Tentative Texts

The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit by Viktor Farcic

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Release Date: August 2016

ISBN: 9781785289194

Cloud Computing Theory and Practice by Dan Marinescu

eBook ISBN: 9780128128114

Paperback ISBN: 9780128128107

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

Published Date: 13th November 2017

Do not buy these yet, they are tentative