CSE 618 Graphics for Simulation and Virtual Environments (3 credits)

Catalog description:

Study of hardware, software, and algorithms used in computer graphics. Instruction emphasizes the use of a scene graph-based API. Topics will include basic rendering and color, transformations, interaction, and animation. Advanced topics will include lighting, blending, texture mapping, non real-time rendering techniques such as radiosity and ray tracing 


CSE 386 or equivalent, and CSE 606 or equivalent.

  • Design and build 3D computer graphics applications for simulation, visualization and virtual environments.
  • Describe and implement rendering and color, transformations.
  • Design and develop user interaction and animation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of computer graphics algorithms and techniques through implementation of software projects.

Required Topics (approximate weeks allocated):

  • Real-time Computer Graphics (6)
    • Scene graphs
    • Building 3D content
    • Rotation and Transformations
    • Interaction
    • Animation
    • Transparency, blending, and fog effects
  • Advanced topics in Real-time Computer Graphics (5)
    • Lighting and shading
    • Texture mapping
    • Parametric surfaces
    • Collision detection
  • Other Topics in Computer Graphics (3)
    • Ray Tracing
    • Radiosity
    • Computer graphics hardware
    • Computer graphics APIs
    • Graphics application architecture and design
  • Examinations (1)