Research Labs

A group of students working in an electrical engineering lab

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department has the following research facilities:

  • AI and Robotics Research Laboratory (GAR253)
  • Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory (EGB272)
  • Electrical Vehicle Technology Research Laboratory (Hughes 401)
  • Power Electronics Research Laboratory (EGB275)
  • Radar Sensing and Signal Processing Laboratory (Hughes 400)
  • Software Receiver Research Laboratory (EGB269)
  • Wireless Communications Research Laboratory (EGB271)

These facilities support a wide range of research activities in the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics, biomedical signal process, communication systems, control and automation, digital signal processing, electrical vehicle technologies, high-performance computing, network securities, power electronics, radar systems, renewable energy, smartphone technologies, software receiver, etc. Besides the in-house facilities, our faculty and students also regularly use facilities supported through national and international centers.